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The third part of the movie trilogy Fifty Shades Freed Full Movie, which describes the nature and manner of the protagonist and his wife’s married life, and the compelling hardships faced by them along the way.

This is the story about a married couple battling numerous unprecedented and unexpected adversities from their past, to make their marriage stick on and to make sure the people around them do not get affected or endangered by the people wanting to wreak misery in their marriage. A happy life of a couple is startlingly shaken by the mistakes made by them in the past. How they deal with them and solve these inexplicable burdens form the plot of the story.

Fifty Shades Freed Full Movie

This movie, along with the first two parts of the trilogy has been adapted from the book trilogy, which was written by E.L. James. This third part is directed by James Foley from Fifty Shades Darker and Michael De Luca from The Social Network and the Ghost Rider franchise. This movie is produced by Perfect World Pictures and is distributed by Universal Pictures. It is expected to hit the theatres on February 9, 2018 in the US. The music score will be given by Danny Elfman.

Fifty Shades Freed Movie Online


Since it is a direct, proclaimed adaptation of the book, the story of the film should follow the story of the book flawlessly. The story from the book is about Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), embarking on their new life as a married couple after their honeymoon, in Seattle. Soon enough, Christian reluctantly leaves for a business trip to New York leaving Ana alone at home.

Ana then sneaks to get a drink with her old friend. When she returns, her boss, Jack Hyde is tied up by one of her security staffs, upon which it is revealed that he had tried to kidnap her. He is arrested and sacked from his job at the office. Ana and Christian have their first fight as a married couple about why she sneaked out for a drink that night, after which Ana rebukes him of being too controlling and dominant. Despite all these, Christian stays beside Ana, when her father gets into a car accident and is hospitalized into a coma. Watch Fifty Shades Freed Full Movie is available on this website after it gets released.

After her father’s curing, they return to Seattle around the time of Ana’s birthday weekend, during which Christian arranges for a surprise with her friends and family at a dinner. Later, when she visits her father at the hospital, she comes to know that she is pregnant, about which Christian gets really frustrated and stressed out.  He storms out of the house and returns the next day drunk, upon which Ana comes to know that he had spent the night drinking with his mother’s former friend, Elena Lincoln who had enticed him when he was just 15, by a text from Elena.

They both stay mutually angry and upset over each other, Christian over Ana for getting pregnant and Ana over Christian for Spending the night with Elena. Christian explains to Ana that he had only wanted to find the psychiatrist, Dr. Flynn and his relationship with Elena was over a long time back. At work, she receives a call from her ex-boss, Jack Hyde, who has kidnapped Mia Grey, Christian’s adopted sister. He then threatens to kill her if he does not get $5 million in two hours, and also warns her to not breathe a word about it to anyone. Watch Fifty Shades Freed online to know how the next scintillating arrays of events play out.

Fifty Shades Freed Movie Star Cast

The main characters of the movie had had the same cast since the first movie of the trilogy. Jamie Dorman seems perfect for portraying Christian Grey. Needless to say, Dakota Johnson catches every spackle of attention of the audience as Anastasia Steele in both the movies. Portrayed by Rita Ora, Mia Grey plays an important part in this movie. She has been shown to be equally ravishing and captivating to the viewers, as it can be seen from the earlier movies. There are other seemingly unimportant casts in the movie, who have given their best as in the previous movies of the trilogy. Watch Fifty Shades Freed online to know more about the cast and their roles.

Fifty Shades Freed Movie Review

Though this film is only yet to be released, the reviews or ratings cannot be given currently for the movie. The first part has a rating of 41% only due to it’s exceedingly bearable dramatic aspects. The second part, Fifty Shades Darker, has a rating of 46%. Though the movies were absolutely celebrated by a selective class of audience, it was popularly criticized at, for it’s weak plot and it’s consequent progress into the story. Watch Fifty Shades Freed to rate the movie as per your likings.

Fifty Shades Freed Movie: Focus on News

‘Rumours about a fourth film declared false, flickered hopes of fans dashed’

The release of a book by E.L. James recently, that goes about re-telling of the story through Christian Grey’s perspective started rumours that a fourth film adaptation might be on it’s way, which has now been confirmed as false, to the disappointment of the audience.

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